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Business Center "Astana Tower"


Bult in 2001 "Astana Tower" is located in the joint of two banks of Ishym river.

It is one of the first symbols of the capital. "Astana Tower" is an ultramodern

piece of architecture that combines business and trade areas. 21 floored

building opens an amazing view on both left and right banks of our

capital, and trade center on the around floors full boutiques and

offices which completes modern concept.


The building meets international standards, and as for

personnel, they are qualified professionals who

keep the building in safety 24 hours.


"Astana Tower" truly is one of

the most outstanding

constructions of our young capital..

The total area of the Business Center

The main activity of the

"Astana Tower" Business Center is

letting offices and residencies complying

with high international standards and such

criteria as safety, comfort and prestige.


The layout and interior decoration of offices

and residencies are made according to the project design of the tenant. 


The offices and residencies of the "Astana Tower" Business Center are rented

by regional offices of large international organizations and companies.

The building is equipped with the following high-tech engineering

systems that comply with the highest international standards:


- access control system

- indirect heating system

- air conditioning, ventilation

- water and electricity supply systems

- a telephone system

- an independent fire and security system

- building control and management

- a safety system

- security CCTV

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