12 Samal microdistrict, Nur-Sultan

    On August 14, fire safety training was held in Astana Tower Business Center in conjunction with the Emergency  Department.

    The tactical plan was to close the electrical wires in the room on the 6th floor of the building.

    The training was successful: more than 300 people were evacuated. 3 units of special rescue equipment, 12 people from the rescue team of the business center and 27 people from the Specialized Fire Department No. 2 were involved.

    Carrying out this kind of training is necessary to practice the actions of all groups in the event of a fire. As practice has shown, the availability of free access roads is very important for specialized equipment to be able to drive through. In this regard, we ask everyone to park correctly and not leave cars in the wrong places. This must be done every day, because a force majeure situation can occur at any time.

    We thank all our tenants for participating!