12 Samal microdistrict, Nur-Sultan

    In March 2019 Astana Tower business center received expert’s conclusion on technical inspection.

    Following actions were taken within the framework of the inspection:

    — study of technical documentation, analysis of constructive solutions and engineering geological data

    — detection of corruptions and defects of building constructions, derogation from normative (design) values

    — measurement of parameters, characterizing constructions corruption and defects

    — visual inspection, defining building’s construction scheme, supporting structures and their location

    — instrumental inspection with the use of nondestructive check method

    Technical inspection data revealed that complex was highly rated with only 5 percent wear out.

    Technical condition of reinforced concrete beams, coverings, staircases, external walls, floors, roofs, heating systems, electricity systems, ventilations and conditioning, water supply and canalization are fault-free and in accordance with design.