If working from home is the "future" then here are the reasons why the office is better

If working from home is the

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, there is a growing awareness among CEOs of various companies that employees are able to get work done and be productive from home. However, activities that require teamwork and communication from home are much more difficult.

Here are some reasons why working from home is inconvenient:


Let us call this the refrigerator problem. Or a TV problem. For most people, careful monitoring and behavior correction is required. Everything from personal hygiene to knowing when to start or finish a job can be a challenge.


If you talk to representatives of companies that have a remote workforce, you will understand how different their approach to work is. It is a different business policy - communication, recruiting, scheduling, meeting, messaging, prioritizing - everything is structured in a completely different way.


About 20% of remote workers complain about ... incorrect posture. And this is not surprising, because not every apartment can be equipped with a full-fledged study with an office chair, a comfortable table and a monitor. In addition, often the only thing at your disposal is a laptop or desktop computer. However, in the process of work you may need a printer, scanner, wired telephone, etc.


When working from home, there is a high chance that someone will not receive important information, or someone will not be invited to the meeting.


Hiring an employee who is not in the office is more difficult. Firstly, it is not easy from a logistic point of view (laptop, access keys, setup, document verification, etc.). It is also more difficult to introduce them to the workflows and the team. First of all, it is harder for them to feel the culture of the company.

Thus, we note the attractive features in office work:

  • It is easier to self-organize.
  • Live communication and more opportunities for dating.
  • It is much easier to negotiate with colleagues in person.
  • One head it is good, but two better.
  • There is an opportunity to take a break from relatives.
  • There is no temptation to have a full refrigerator.
  • Work is a great incentive to look good every day.
  • On the way home from the office, you can listen to audio books and podcasts, read.