Preventive measures for COVID-19

Preventive measures for COVID-19

Dear tenants and guests of the Astana Tower Business Center,

In connection with the announcement by the World Health Organization of a pandemic for coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the world and cases of infection of several people in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana Tower Isletme LLP reports the following:


The Astana Tower Business Center is open from 10:00 to 17:00 in accordance with the decision of the head of emergency response in the city of Nur-Sultan, A.K. Amrin №1 from 03/19/2020. The shopping center partially suspended its activities, but the Ramstore hypermarket, the Hippocrates pharmacy and the Halyk Bank are open and fully operational.


Within the Astana Tower business and shopping center, we have identified a list of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the building and have taken the following preventive measures:

  • An informational and explanatory work was carried out for all personnel and employees of the tenant companies about the precautionary measures.
  • The enhanced disinfection regime on the territory of the business and shopping center was introduced, as well as a mask regime among the employees of the management company.
  • Door handles, lift buttons, stair handrails are treated every hour with chlorine and antibacterial agents.
  • The premises in the business center are regularly ventilated, the air handling units are cleaned and disinfected.
  • Professional antibacterial soap was installed in public sanitary facilities.
  • Hand sanitizer with alcohol antiseptic was installed in public areas.
  • A weekly disinfection of office premises is carried out using a disinfectant with a broad antimicrobial effect that meets the uniform sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements.
  • Quartzing of public areas is carried out in the evening and at night, as well as daily quartzing of rented office premises by prior agreement with the tenants.


We recommend all tenants to consider the possibility of switching to a remote mode of operation. We ask the employees of the tenant companies and guests of the Astana Tower business center to treat all procedures and other preventive measures with understanding.